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They worked with me to straighten out all of my problems great service thanks.

Irv D

I just wanted to say this company was very pleasant and professional. They were able to get not only my roof replaced but also my siding and gutters, after my insurance company was trying to deny them. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. And to anyone needing any help with their claim or to file it, contact these guys! They’ll take care of everything for you.

Sonia J

NAI is a company that sticks to their word!! Everything they said they would do for me, got done! I was able to get approved for my roofing, siding and gutters. Not only that, but the office staff is super friendly! I recommend this company to anyone needing help with their claim. They take care of everything for you!!!

Bryan M

In the 1990’s, there was a fire in my home and I made a claim. 5 years later i was dropped from my insurance so i was kind of scared to make another claim. After years of storms going by, my home kept getting more and more damaged. Now I wanted to get my home done, but I didn’t want to make a claim again. And I had multiple people stop by to try and get me to sign up with them, but i didn’t like anyone who stopped by. That was until I seen my neighbor a couple doors down get work done thanks to Tim Kiely. He told him to come over and talk to me, and I must say Tim was amazing! He didn’t try to force me into anything and explained everything to me. So I signed up with him and then was able to get my roof and siding approved!!! Im so thankful to you Tim.

Shelby C

Luca was my Public Adjuster for Serbian Orthodox Diocese of New Gracanica. He was very patient and took his time with my claim. It took over a year and a half of fighting this. Our insurance denied it once and then even offered $8,000 to settle the claim. Luca made me feel at ease and very comfortable and told me to wait this out. After hiring an engineer and renting a lift, we able to finally get a proper inspection done. All the roofs are now approved. Thanks to Luca and Neighborhood Adjusters we are able to repair all the damage on our property and continue our good work.

Eparhija N

I was a bit nervous at first doing business with this company. I honestly had no knowledge on what a Public Adjuster was and what they do for you. After speaking to a few people in my neighborhood, I decided to give them a shot. I figured that I had nothing to loose. Best decision of my life. They ended up not only getting my roof paid for but my siding too, after my insurance denied me. I have gain a true respect for this company. They did what they said. I highly recommend them.

Sonia C.

Steve came by and told me I had damage on my roof. I didn’t think there was anything wrong since I just got my roof done 8 years ago but I came to find out that there was damage. So I let Steve represent me and he was able to get me approved for my roof. Thank you Steve for all your hard work. I will be recommending you to others.

Esther H.

Steve came by and told me I had damage on my roof. I didn’t think there was anything wrong since I just got my roof done 8 years ago but I came to find out that there was damage. So I let Steve represent me and he was able to get me approved for my roof. Thank you Steve for all your hard work. I will be recommending you to others.

Esther H.

Brett came by my house leaving a flyer behind. I have already heard about Neighborhood Adjusters from the neighborhood and decided to call them and see what they can do. This company stood out to me, because I kept seeing the trucks all over the town and word of mouth everyone was talking about them. Brett was very patient w/ explaining the process. He was able to get my roof and siding approved in no time. It was the most exciting news I had in months. I still have neighbors stopping by complementing my house. They really handled my claim well and they fight for the homeowners.

Willie D.

I had to come to Neighborhood Adj. Office in Elmhurst, IL to resolve a problem for my sister. Mrs. Adela was very helpful in being willing to accommodate our schedule The office staff was very helpful and professional.

Sheila C.

Victor came by and let me know I had damages on my home due to the recent storm. After him telling me the process of everything, I felt confident so we went ahead with the inspection. I was able to get approved for my roofing & siding! I really want to thank Victor for handling everything for me. It was such a fast & simple process. I did not need to do anything. I’m so happy about that. Thanks again, I will be recommending NAI/Victor!

Sharonne D.

We had a previous claim a couple of years ago and it was just horrible. We had our insurance company send someone out and we weren’t able to get approved for anything. So when Josh came out, he told us he would take care of everything on our behalf so we went with him. We really like him because he’s personable and his communication is more than great. He’s even stopped back by multiple times to check in with us. Thankfully he was able to get me and my wife approved for a new roof. Thanks Josh! You’re great, and we will be recommending.

Bradley H.

My mother had a couple of other companies come by trying to sign her up. She kept ignoring them, until Marcos came by. He explained everything to her and she felt confident in him. This being her first claim she was still a little sketchy, however, Marcos was able to get her approved for the roofing, siding, and gutters. We both want to thank Marcos for doing such a great job. He’s checked in multiple times and his communication has been more than great.

Airam M.

I want to thank Steve Spadoni for helping me get my roof approved. I’m very excited to get it done now. I didn’t think I would get approved because I’d been having issues with my insurance but he made it happen! Thank you again Steve. You’re great! I will be sure to give you any recommendations I come across. I also want to thank you guys for the gift! I love it. Perfect for my morning coffee.

Jack H.

Our experience with neighborhood adjusters has been good so far. Tom Kiely stopped by one day and spoke with my husband and I. We were at first reluctant because of so many fraudulent experiences with other people with other jobs but, Tom eventually convinced us to trust their work. At first our claim were denied by our insurance company, but another submitted claim by neighborhood adjusters were approved. We’re looking for to their continued good service.

Glenda W.

My PA is Jeremy Gehman. I’m so thankful for Jeremy on helping me with the insurance process. He did everything for me throughout the claim and made sure to keep my son & I updated. We have been so very happy that he came out. He was able to get my home approved for both of my roofs, siding, and gutters. I have lived in my home for over 60 years now, and it feels like a new home once again. Thank you Jeremy for all your hard work and professionalism! I will make sure to recommend you.

Opal H.

My home was damage by a very strong hail storm. My insurance first denied my claim, so I contacted Luca from Neighborhood Adjusters to represent me. Since day one Luca has been great. He took care of my claim and I am very happy with the quality of the work that Neighborhood Adjusters does. Thank you.

Stefan H.

Tim Kiely stopped by my home at a perfect timing, since I’m currently in the middle of reconstructing some other things on my home. I must say, if I can 10 star this company for Tim, I would. He is phenomenal. He makes sure to keep me updated & answers me very quickly. Tim was able to get my roof, gutters, and some other work approved on my home. Thank you Tim for helping me. I will be recommending you to others.

Doreen M.

I heard about this company from people in my neighborhood. I would see some of their work trucks in my area. Finally one of them knocked on my door. The best thing that happen to me. My Public Adjuster met with my Insurance Company and they denied this at first. After talking this to the appraisal, we won. They never stopped fighting for me. I couldn’t believe it. I was starting to loose hope.

Yolanda C.

My experience with Neighborhood Adjusters has been excellent. At first my insurance company denied me. Then a week later I my Public Adjuster with NAI knocked on my door and told me he could help get my roof approved. I didn’t believe it, because my insurance company already denied me, but I figured that I had nothing to loose. A few weeks later I received a call from the office letting know I was approved. I couldn’t believe it. I cant’ wait to get the work started next.

Isabelita H.

I was comfortable going with Victor at Neighborhood Adjusters because he was referred to me by my cousin Emma. I seen what a great job he did with her claim and he handled mine just as good. He came out inspected it and even increased the amount after the 1st inspection. I had a call 2 days after I met Victor from the office letting me know my claim was filed and a week later a nice lady called letting me know I was approved. Just a very organized company.

Charles C.

I was referred to Luca from a friend of mine. They are going to make me pay for something. I was wrong. Luca explained the process to me, he told me that the insurance pays for everything and that Neighborhood Adjusters works for the homeowners. He made me feel relax throughout the process. It was my first time filing a claim. When he called me and told me I was approved it was one of the happiest days i’ve had in a look time. I recommend anyone looking for these services too give them a call. They really are the real deal.

Mike D.

I decided to use Neighborhood Adjusters when Victor stopped by my house and left a flyer in my door. Before calling him, I googled the business, read the comments and did some research. After seeing good things, I decided to give Victor a call. He came out right away and took over my claim. I was actually looking into get prices on my house, I didn’t realize that my insurance would pay for it. Victor has been a blessing and I am a very happy customer. Thank you.

Kelly H.

Thomas Shepard was my Public Adjuster for 2 of my houses. At first I didn’t believe him. I didn’t think it was possible to get my roof, siding and gutters approved and not have to pay anything out of pocket. Tom made me feel comfortable through the process and kept me updated the entire time. I couldn’t believe he got me approved for over 20,000 worth of work on my house. I couldn’t be happier.

Michael Z.

My insurance company with State Farm came out and told me nothing was wrong with my roof. Later that week Victor my Public Adjuster with Neighborhood stopped by and asked if he can look at my roof. He then told me that he seen roof damage from the storm. He filed my claim and within about 2 weeks, he told me I was approved. I first thought I was being scammed because it was too good to be true. Victor made me feel comfortable and explained everything too me. Best choice Ive ever made.

Patsy M.

Steve Spadoni was my Public Adjuster. He told me I had damage on my roof. I already knew that, but I thought I missed my window to file this claim. Steve assured me that he would make sure this claim was filed and handled quickly. He did just that. I am in a wheel cheer and I can’t move around much, so Steve handling this claim and doing all the work for me, made it very peaceful for me and my wife. He is very trustworthy man and I highly recommend them.

Robert R.

Efrain was Amazing when he came over. He got me to sign up after some hesitation, but I must say this process has been great all around. Everyone at this company has been very friendly and informative. Efrain even makes sure to check in on how things have been going, often. NAI was able to get me approved for the roofing, siding & gutters. Plus I may get additional work done thanks to them. Thank you NAI for helping me with my claim. I will be recommending you to others!

Cecilio R.

When Brett first came to my home I was not interested. Later the same day my brother seen Brett across the street and spoke with him. This made me question this company, but once Brett sat down and went over everything with me I was satisfied and decided to move forward. The entire time through the claim process, Brett has kept me informed. Overall, I have not found 1 person in this company who hasn’t been great. Everyone is very informative. I will be recommending them to other!

Debra W.

Marcos went above & beyond, even out of his way to make sure I was satisfied and aware of what’s been going on with the process of my claim. I would recommend this company to others.

Dashieda B.

I’m very pleased with Victor. He helped me with my claim and kept me informed on everything. He’s very polite. I will recommend this company and Victor especially!

Linda R.

I was very unsure about using this company at first. I wasn’t sure if it was a scam. It seem too good to be true. Brett was our Public Adjuster and I couldn’t have been more pleased with him. We then gave him 2 other properties too after we went through the first one. Great company I highly recommend them.

Lena M.

I went with Neighborhood Adjusters because of my daughter. She referred me to Victor. He came by and inspected my property and told me what to expect and delivered. I am very satisfied. I have an old historical home and I know it wasn’t going to be easy.

Randle H.

This company was referred to me by my daughter Tamara Jackson. She told me about how well Marcos did helping her with her 2 properties. My daughter is a hard woman to please, and she was very happy with the outcome. So that is why I went with NA and let Marcos take over my claim. I am a elderly woman and its not the easiest to explain things to me, but Marcos took his time, he made sure I was comfortable and understood everything that was going on every step of the way. I am so grateful that my house was approved and I can drive up to something that I call mine.

Nancy J.

Marcos was referred to me by a friend in the area. I called him and immediately he came by and inspected my house. He was very assuring to me and made me feel like I was making the right choice by going with this company. I couldn’t be happier. Outstanding customer service and honest man, and his communication as been perfect. I sent my mom to him as well and I will continue to sent people to him.

Tamara J.

I recommend this company. Steve is a very honest young man. He came to my house and he was straight to the point. He told me what he could do and I just sat back and waited too see if it would really happen. My wife was happy when she receive the call saying we had gotten approved. We didn’t know much about public adjuster and what they do, but I sure am glad Steve knocked on my door and signed me up.

Harold J.

I am very happy with the way Neighborhood Adjusters explained the way the program worked. Victor was very helpful and has followed through with everything he said. When we received the news about being approved, we were so excited. I will recommend them to family and friends.

Don S.

Neighborhood Adjusters has helped me with both of my claims on both homes. This was my first time ever filing a claim, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. One house was able to get approved fast and the other property took a lot of work from my Public Adjuster. After getting a new inspection done, my other property was approved. I couldn’t have been more excited. This has been a very stress-free process for me.

Joel C.

Victor was my Public Adjuster. As soon as I called him, he came by the next day to inspect my house. He assured me that he could get my roof approved and he did. I am old and I am glad I didn’t have to be involved much through the process, they take care of everything for you.

Dan S.

Neighborhood Adjusters is a great company that works fast and all of the staff are helpful and friendly.

Lisa F.

Brett was my public adjuster on all my houses. Great work. He has been very patient with me and has taken his time on all my houses. I recommend this company.

Queen P.

Victor helped my grandmother Clara with her claim. I wasn’t sure at first about using them, but I am very pleased.

Tonya G.

My experience w/ this company has been very good. They explained everything to me. They follow through with the claim as they said they would. No issues at all. I will recommend to others.

Perla F.

I recommend anyone that needs to file a claim, they should use Neighborhood Adjusters. I have been very pleased with the work they did with my claim.

Herman H.

Jeremy explained all of the process to me. I hired NAI for the public adjusting services. They came with the insurance company & did the inspection & the results were great! I’m happy! I got approved for my roof, siding, window wraps, gutters, & interior damage. Thank you NAI!

Manual R.

My experience with Neighborhood Adjusters has been great. They’ve been very helpful with my insurance, & they’re very easy to work with. I would happily use them again.

Lisabeth H.

Adela and Angela were great to work with. They got the job done right fast and the first time. Will definitely recommend to friends!

Sofia A.

Insurance claim was handled for us and went very smooth. They took care of everything and kept me updated with everything that was happening, and my options.

Chuck M.

Ive had an excellent experience with Brett. This whole process has been very efficient. Everything has gone by very fast.

Dana O.

In the beginning, I was very hesitant but Jeremy and Marcos seemed very sincere and had integrity. I had confidence in them and everything went very well. I always had a quick response from them whenever I had a question. They are very hard workers.

Philip M.

Great company. Victor stopped by, and the process has been fast and easy since then. I will recommend to others!

Yatsumi N.

I am really satisfied with the job, and Brett did really amazing job on paper work. It’s easy process it doesn’t take that long for the waiting. I recommend anyone to use this company and people works really fast. They did an amazing job.

Jasmine P.

Everything from start to finish has been very easy. They took care of dealing with the insurance company to scheduling the work to be done. Very satisfied within company. I would highly recommend Neighborhood Adjusters.

Lisa M.

Marcos was really good in working with me he checked on the insurance process and kept up to date. He periodically checked to make sure everything was on schedule and came out before they started to make sure I was satisfied and with what was to happen.

Karen W.

I would like to thank NA for a job well done on our siding….My wife and I enjoy pulling in our driveway and it’s looking like a new home and sitting there. Thank you so much NA!

Felicia H.

Doing a great job! Efrain was on time, friendly and professional. Overall a great experience.

Dorothy C.

They are very responsive and they were able to understand and answer all of my questions.

Wanda S.

Neighborhood Adjusters was able to increase my claim from 30 thousand to 70 thousand with their hard work and attention to detail. Jon and Julie were great to work with and always kept me involved in the process. Highly recommend!

Billy S.

Thank you guys for helping me to get my siding and awnings approved. My house looks almost new again! I will definitely recommend you to others!

Lamont L.

Great company! Handled everything for me with my insurance. I couldn’t be happier!

Gloria R.

Neighborhood Adjusters was able to get my roof approved after my insurance company denied me. I am so excited and beyond happy. The service I have received from Neighborhood Adjusters has been fantastic. I highly recommend everyone use them.

Vero H.

Neighborhood Adjusters. Worked very well with me they did a very good job on my house, and I’m very happy. Thank you For A job well done.

Carolyn G.

Neighborhood Adjusters helped our church get an entire new roof after it was half ruined by wind damage. They fought tooth and nail with the insurance company, who eventually lost the arbitration for the claim. Thanks Neighborhood Adjusters for getting the claim covered!!

Grant I.

Great guys to work with. At first I didn’t know what to expect but they came through and did an excellent job replacing my window wraps, roof, and awnings. Highly recommended if you’ve had some hail hit your roof.

Pterodactyl K.

Helped me get approved when the insurance adjuster was trying to low-ball me and cover half my roof and 2 sides of siding from hail. Thanks to these guys and fighting for storm damage on my property, I literally have all new exteriors at no expense to me. Serves the insurance right!

Matt B.

NA is a great company! Once my insurance was approved, everything steamed rolled from there. My roof looks fantastic. Communication with customer service made my experience even better. They were always professional and answered all my questions. I highly recommend NA.

Kenyaele F.

The experience was great. The company neighborhood was most helpful my home looks great. Thank you!

Anthony W.

Great company with the BEST knowledgeable public adjusters around!

Adela F.

They are very friendly and make you feel really comfortable all the way. I will recommend them.

Cathy C.

Customer service is top notch! Best company in any storm area to help bring your home back to better condition then it was prior to the storm!

Chad H.

Excellent service.


Great company.

Jake L.

Best company to have represent you on your insurance claim.

Mark M.

Neighborhood adjuster helped my family with a new roof. They were professional and helped us all along the way from start to finish, From dealing with insurance company and following through. would definitely recommend this company to my family & friends.

Diana S.

After some heavy storms in our area, we were looking for a company to help us with our damaged roof. Neighborhood Adjusters worked with us to file a claim with our insurance company to ensure we would receive payment for a new roof. NA was able to get the claim filed and the process to a new roof started. There were some bumps along the way which made the process more challenging than expected. With the help of a manager, we were able to reach a reasonable resolution to the challenges we faced.


Neighborhood Adjusters did a great job helping me with my claim. Very fast and friendly staff. I will recommend them to others.

Manuel C.

Neighborhood Adjusters – Adela, went above and beyond the call of duty, to make sure the damage to my property is covered. I will definitely recommend to family and friends. You guys should be honored to have her on your team.

Tonda G.

My experience with NA for my new roof and new siding has been great. I will recommend them to family and friends. Christina, Nat and Angie helped me a lot with the claim and Kyle informed me with a lot of information as well. Thank you.

Jose A.

Angie,and Adella were great customer service reps who took the time out of their busy schedules to assist me with a very frustrating cycle of trying to get my roof fixed. They were extremely patient and understanding when other agents wouldn’t answer their phones and assist me with getting the job done which consisted of my roof not being fixed and the deal falling through.

Sharon P.

Jon and Marcos of Neighborhood Adjusters went above and beyond my husband and my expectations. This year we had a natural disaster destroy most of the roof for one of our buildings. Our insurance company refused to pay anything for the damage. We found Neighborhood Adjusters by contacting the Calumet City inspectional services. Neighborhood Adjusters was highly recommended by the inspectors. Marcos and John helped us to successfully re-file our claim and have our insurance company pay for all of the damage to our building by providing us with expert advice and help every step of the way. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND NEIGHBORHOOD ADJUSTERS TO ANYONE WHO NEEDS HELP WITH THEIR INSURANCE COMPANY OR CLAIM.

Mrs. Oliver

We are so happy we chose this company to get our roof and siding repaired on the house and garage. We tried to get the approval on our own but our insurance company would only repair a small portion, this company was able to get our home approved for things we didn’t even notice needed repaired! They went back and forth with our insurance for us so we didn’t have to do ANYTHING! We couldn’t be happier! I would suggest this company to anyone who needs repairs on their home.

Matthew S.

I contact Marcos from Neighborhood Adjusters because I had a leaking roof that needed repairs and the next day they came out to inspect my roof and the ceilings of my house, they definitely agree that I needed a new roof and repairs inside my home and he assured me that my insurance had to cover all the damage, surely 2 weeks later I get the check for the repairs. Thank you Marcos for all your help and quick answers. I really appreciated that I started recommending my friends and family. Thanks again!

Linda R.

Our family had a great experience with Neighborhood adjusters especially with Matt. They were efficient, helpful, fast, and did what they said they would do in the time they told us. We had our roof replaced due to some extreme weather. they worked well with our insurance and took care of everything. We just had to sign the paperwork. Thank you for your quick work.

Brian B.

I recently had a couple of issues that I had to resolve through my home insurance and happy to say that with the help of Marcos (restoration consultant) from Neighborhood Adjusters, I’m pleased with the great work he has done so far. I highly recommend him and the company! Thank you.

Jose M.

I have a new roof because of Neighborhood Adjusters. My insurance company initially denied my wind and hail damage claim. Matt from Neighborhood Adjusters interceded on our behalf and got them to review the situation and reverse their decision. Their roof work was quick and thorough, and their communication and follow-up were excellent. I would recommend them, especially if an insurance company has walked away from a claim.

Ken J.